From iOS App Idea to Launch in One Week ?
Fridge Cook

  • Manage ingredients for cooking
  • Tailored recipe suggestions for you using Chat GPT
  • Generate high quality images using ChatGPT
Clean Achiever

  • Apply Clean Architecture on a Unity 3D app
  • Make your codebase clean, testable, and maintainable
  • Develop a generic and reusable Achievements module for your apps
Escape From Blindness

  • Build inclusive iOS apps with this Accessibility Toolbox
  • Accessibility Toolbox includes Swift UIAccessibility framework and tutorial
  • Embed accessibility into your workflow and develop inclusive iOS apps step by step
Salsa Coach

  • Learn fast app development with a single Flutter codebase
  • Learn how to design a UX/UI for hybrid apps
  • Follow good practices by using Clean Architecture and TDD